Commissioning process

commissioning proces - gary myatt

After an initial enquiry and brief discussion about a possible commission, a site visit is usually arranged where ideas can be explored further, and estimates assessed.

A drawing is then presented by Gary, either in person or via email, and on approval of the design and estimate, a deposit is paid and the project is hand-painted in the studio, transported on completion, and installed, fixing it to the intended surface using the classical method of application called marouflage, where a painted canvas is adhered to a wall or ceiling. Employing this method enables Gary to work on large and complex projects without the disruption of working on site.

Some projects are painted entirely on site, but Gary generally encourages the client, where possible, to accept the more convenient studio/marouflage option as it proves less disruptive; easier for all parties involved; and therefore it takes less time to produce the artwork which in turn translates as less cost for the client.

As the commission evolves from preparatory drawing to finished artwork the client is encouraged to visit the studio to assess the development first-hand, or is kept abreast of proceedings by regularly emailed images.

The deposit is ordinarily a third of the overall cost. A further third of the cost is made as an interim payment, roughly halfway through the project. The final balance is made once the artwork is finished, installed, and protected with a durable and washable varnish.

'The real showstopper is a mural by Gary Myatt, who travelled from London to paint his masterpiece in situ.'
Living Edge magazine
, March 2004